The Education Club strives to make a difference on and off campus.

The Education Club is always finding a way to give back to communities through educational purposes

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The Education Club is always finding a way to give back to communities through educational purposes

by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

The Education Club is a group on campus welcome to all education majors, elementary, special ed, choir, band and more.

“We try to include everyone,” President Jordyn Foelske, a sophomore majoring in elementary education with endorsements in reading, math and social studies, said. “It is just a way for everyone to get together and share common goals. Then help each other through the process.”

Sophomore Tori White is the group’s secretary and is majoring in elementary education with special ed, reading and coaching endorsements. As secretary, her duties include “taking notes during the meetings, checking in individuals, signing up for everything. For example, signing up for campus day.”

The Education Club is always finding a way to give back to communities through educational purposes. In the bio of the club’s Instagram (@simpsoneducationclub), there is a link for friends of Finnegan. Finnegan Reid was stillborn on June 7th, 2022. His family wants to give back to the hospitals by making clothes and collecting books. All the books donated will have a custom sticker inside the cover so families know the items come from lost families and surrounding communities. The items will be donated on Finn’s birthday each year on June 7th.

White and Foelske worked together with other Education Club members to make the motivation signs that you may have seen around campus during midterms. It was supposed to be a surprise, however, it got leaked about who put the signs around campus.

“The idea came from the Indianola high school/middle school. Barb [Ramos] brought it up in one of our exec team meetings, and we thought it would be cool to do it during and around a midterm week. Try and keep people calm and motivated during those midterms,” White said.

“People posted them a lot on social media,” Foelske said. “People also said they walked by the signs right before practice and felt more motivated.”

Another event that the Education Club held was on March 9th, with the Iowa teacher of the year coming to campus. The turnout was terrific and was a great representation and opportunity for future educators.

“In the past, we have done a de-stress event,” White said. “So, we painted pumpkins during finals because it was around Halloween time. Not around campus, we created posters for around Indianola school to give teachers recognition for what they do.”

Finally, White says her favorite part of joining the Education Club would be the exec team, “I love the exec team. We are all close and say hi to each other every day. We come up with some cool and creative ideas.”

If you are interested in joining the Education Club, they meet every other Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Cowles 171 for the rest of the semester. 

“Join the Education Club!” White said excitedly.