“Bluey”: a good cartoon


by Abby Hintz, Layout Editor

“Bluey” is a good cartoon. 

I’m sure many people, from toddlers to parents and grandparents to even college students have heard of the cartoon “Bluey,” but here is a rundown for those who haven’t seen it. 

The show originated in Australia and was created by Joe Brumm. The show first aired in 2018 and now has three seasons. Americans can watch the show on Disney+.

Bluey, a six-year-old blue heeler, and her sister, Bingo, have big imaginations, and so do their parents, Chilli and Bandit. Some episodes follow the family’s games at home or out and about, and some follow Bluey at school. Other dog breeds depict other characters.

The animation is simple and the voice acting sets it apart from other cartoons. The show’s themes—such as family, parenting, friends and growing up— allow viewers of all ages to connect to the characters.

Bluey and Bingo’s laughter in the show is contagious, and Bandit and Chilli’s humor will also make you laugh. The family dynamic allows for great storytelling. It’s a show that allows the watcher to forget about the world around them for a simple eight minutes.

“Bluey” has amassed multiple awards, gained its own website and merchandise brand and some of the voice actors have been on talk shows. The show has become an instant classic, just like any blue dog cartoon.

On top of that, the show has one album released, “Bluey: The Album” and another on its way, “Dance Mode!” The albums separate the music from the episodes and allows fans to listen to the music that adds to the show.

Some of my favorite episodes include “Taxi,” “Grannies,” “Asparagus,” “Bus,” “Seesaw” and “Typewriter.” I believe anyone interested in watching “Bluey” should watch these episodes. Although most episodes are funny, these stand out to me.

“Taxi” is about the Heeler family playing a game where Bluey is the taxi driver, Bandit is trying to get to the airport, Chilli is acting like she’s the equivalent of Google Maps and Bingo is a mom trying to take her child to her gymnastics lesson.

“Grannies” and “Bus” feature Bluey and Bingo’s granny characters they act out, Rita and Janet. They dress up in blankets and Bluey wears purple glasses while Bingo uses a claw toy as a cane. In “Grannies,” Bluey tries to convince Bingo that grannies can’t floss. 

In “Bus,” the family acts as if they’re on a bus, and Chilli’s character is in love with Bandit’s character but doesn’t know how to tell him.

“Seesaw” and “Typewriter” are on my favorites list simply because they feature Snickers, my favorite character. Snickers is a dachshund that wears a yellow hat. “Seesaw” teaches viewers they can do anything, and “Typewriter” teaches viewers to use their imagination. 

“Asparagus” teaches viewers about manners and is about Bluey having the ability to turn her family into other animals, thus making for some hilarious dialogue and animation.

Overall, “Bluey” is a good cartoon that viewers of any age can enjoy. I believe anyone should watch it simply to learn more about the characters and the world the team has created because the viewer can get a little bit of something out of each episode.