“Dauntless”: the free monster hunter


by Ariel Clark, Staff Reporter

A hulking behemoth staggers over, its tail quickly sliced off by the chain blades of a random mercenary. While it’s down, a flurry of blows strikes at the beast’s head as the user of striker fists works on keeping the creature stunned. Before it can regain its footing, the large shots of a pair of pistols quickly put an end to the fight. The team takes a minute to rest before heading off to the next fight.

“Dauntless” is a free-to-play cross platform multiplayer experience that takes after the highly acclaimed video game Monster Hunter. In the game, users are able to pick between a variety of weapons used to help take down massive monsters for their parts in order to craft weapons and armor from it. Different weapons have different playstyles and purposes when fighting behemoths. Slicing weapons such as chain blades and spears are used to cut off different parts of the monster (which helps make the fight easier as well as get unique material for crafting). Blunt weapons such as the hammer are more focused on stunning the beast to make it easier for the team of four to deal damage. 

As someone who has played Monster Hunter games in the past, I can honestly say that “Dauntless” is a worthwhile experience for those who are a fan of the genre. The vast array of weapons and armor to craft, as well as the ever-increasing roster of behemoths, makes hunts feel accomplishing. While most weapons are easy to pick up, all of them have various combos and methods of use to try out, allowing new and experienced players a chance to have fun.

The difficulty of the game is also flexible. While the beginning helps teach the core mechanics of the game, it doesn’t take long for players to unlock Escalations and eventually the harder form of them, which is used to reach the game’s end behemoths. Aside from this challenge, there are various places for hunters to go and have a great time slaying. From the open-world Hunts to timed Trials and Gauntlets, there’s much for people to experience.

You can even have up to three friends join you on specific hunts (more in others), but aren’t required to have friends to play with, as the game will pair you with random people if needed. Unlike other communities, “Dauntless” is one of the least toxic in terms of the player base that I have ever experienced. Most people are willing to party with others and help them out without even mentioning a word in the chat system. 

The art style of it is also something that keeps me hooked. While it isn’t nearly as realistic as the Monster Hunter franchise, it has its own cartoon aesthetic that works perfectly for what it provides. The game is also constantly hosting events and themes for players to participate in and isn’t pay-to-win like other free games tend to be. It’s also on the Nintendo Switch. Therefore I urge people who are interested in this type of game to take the time and try it out. Good luck on your hunts, slayer.