Majorpalooza a major success


Ryan Magalhaes

Freshman came to Hubbell Hall on Tuesday to meet with representatives from every department.

by Ryan Magalhaes, Staff Reporter

Simpson’s annual event to help underclassmen select a major or minor took place on Tuesday, as a couple hundred students visited Hubbell Hall to talk with representatives from any department.

First-year students are discouraged from declaring a major in their first semester and having Majorpalooza in the second semester gives students a chance to learn more about majors they might be interested in.

New this year is an exploratory sheet, as well as the usual declaration of majors form. The exploratory sheet helps students who have an idea for a major, but aren’t certain to create a plan for more learning.

“It’s a way of giving students a task,” English Professor JJ Butts said. “So they’re going out there and figuring out what they can be looking at.”

The change is small but beneficial for students who aren’t ready to declare a major and still need information.

“We’re just here to find options,” first-year Miles Mitchell said. He spoke with the criminal justice and sports medicine departments, but didn’t declare a major.

“I got information on what classes to take,” first-year Cole Leggett said. He also didn’t declare a major at the event.

Students are encouraged by their first-year advisors and Simpson Colloquium Leaders (SC Leaders) to attend the event for that purpose. 

Corbin Truitt, a sophomore SC Leader, hopes students can find advisors and help build a plan for next year. “They’re going to find their potential advisor who’s going to guide them,” he said. “It’s important to explore.”

The sentiment was shared by sophomore SC Leader Elise Boulton.

“It’s cool that they added the exploring feature rather than just declaring,” Boulton said. “So students don’t feel pressure to declare.”

For students ready to declare a major, having Majorpalooza, where you can select an advisor and fill out paperwork, is much easier than visiting individual departments.

“It streamlines the process,” Professor Kelly Swinton, a representative of the Business and Administration Department, said. “Students don’t have to seek out individual faculty members.” 

While some students chose not to declare a major at the event, they were still happy they went.

“I feel a lot better about my next steps,” Leggett said. The event being flexible is important so all students can have a positive experience.

“Our students are in different places,” Butts said. “An event like this works well for students who are ready to go or students who just need to spend time figuring things out.”

The new focus on exploring majors is part of introducing an exploratory studies pre-major program that Simpson is starting next year.

“Students will work with Spencer Waugh to figure out where they are,” Butts said. “An event like this will help Spencer track those kids.”