Second Annual Carse Winter Bash


Taryn Bertini

Students and those in the community attended the Carse Winter Bash and Chili Cook-Off Sunday in Cowles Fieldhouse.

by Taryn Bertini, Staff Reporter

The Simpson athletic department held the Carse Winter Bash fundraiser in Cowles Fieldhouse Sunday Feb. 6 along with the Chili Cook-Off hosted by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Although only in its second year,  the Carse Winter Bash and Chili Cook-Off fundraiser proved to be successes for student athletes and coaches in the community. 

The event took place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and was filled with students, faculty, coaches and their families the whole time. Many different activities were taking place to keep those in attendance engaged.

Sophomore volleyball player Elizabeth Conroy was one of the student athletes who attended the event and said she enjoyed being there.

“I had a really good time at the Winter Bash. I think there was a lot of different activities for everyone to do and it was nice to see all of the sports come together to help raise money,” Conroy said.

SAAC coordinated the Chili Cook-Off competition in which groups could make their own chili and bring it to be judged and in competition with other groups. Some athletic teams on campus made chili, while groups such as Sodexo and Student Development also made their own chili for the competition.

Sophomore football player Joe Bream competed in the Chili Cook-Off alongside the Sports Performance Department, representing Hy-Vee at their table. At the table with Bream was Assistant Director of Sports Performance Matt Costenson-Segura and sophomore football player Jerad Fischer.

“It was a lot of fun getting to compete and hang out with the tables around us,” Bream said.

Groups who entered the Chili Cook-Off were encouraged to decorate their tables in different themes. Many groups also brought side dishes such as breadsticks and cinnamon rolls to accompany their chili.

Those who tried each batch of chili by the different groups could vote for which one they thought was the best while also being able to vote for the best table decorations.

“We did not win any of the awards, but we still had a good time and I would definitely do it again,” Bream said.

Student athletes were encouraged by their coaches to sell raffle tickets for $50 each to friends, family and anyone who wanted to support Simpson Storm Athletics. The tickets sold would then be put into a drawing where they had 21 chances to win a cash prize.

Marty Bell listed out the winners of the raffle and Conroy was lucky enough to be one of the few winners.

“I felt really good about winning the money. I wasn’t really expecting it, so it was a nice surprise,” Conroy said.

While trying each chili that groups made in the contest, those who attended could play games hosted by the athletic department. 

In between rounds of tickets being announced by Bell, people could purchase bingo cards for $5 for a chance to win some prizes.

Overall, the event was successful in its second year.

“I think the Winter Bash was a fun way to bring the sports together and raise money for all of us to benefit from,” Bream said.