ISO presents a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot


Photo submitted to The Simpsonian

The annual Valentine’s Day Photoshoot is presented to you by the International Student Organization outside Black Box on Feb. 14, from 1-4PM.

by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

Esther Escalante, a senior majoring in graphic design, is leading the annual Valentine’s Day photo shoot held by the International Student Organization (ISO). The photoshoot will be held outside of Black Box on Feb. 14 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Individuals can take photos in front of a fun backdrop, and ISO will have a polaroid camera to take the photos with. 

“The photo shoot is free to anyone passing by and wants to get their picture taken. They are more than welcome too,” Escalante said.

Bigger groups are welcomed as well. ISO does not like to limit the number of polaroids because the photos represent a great memory.

But what makes this an International Student Organization event is the goodie bags. ISO will fill the goodie bags with international candies and there is a tradition that goes with candy.

“In Mexico, we have what is called a Mazapan,” Escalante said. “It is circular and thick, but if you open it without breaking it, it is fragile, it is supposed to signify that you would not break someone’s heart.”

The goal is for individuals to enjoy getting their polaroid taken by themselves, with friends or with significant others.

“Having people lined up can get kind of hectic, however, that is just the fun of it,” Escalante said.

Another goal is that ISO wants to bring awareness to the organization and would love to have more people join. There will be a QR code if anyone is interested in attending more of these events.

Besides the photoshoot, ISO has two upcoming events they are putting on. The first one is a forum-based event called ‘traveling abroad and breaking stereotypes.’

“A Simpson professor will talk about her experience traveling abroad in India,” Escalante said.

“This will be an open Q&A, and people who have traveled abroad will give their experiences and photos.”

The study abroad event aims to break the stereotypes of being in danger when traveling and get individuals comfortable with the idea of traveling abroad. “This is important so students can experience the world,” Escalante said.

Anyone interested in traveling abroad should come to this event to learn about others’ experiences and ask questions to experienced travel abroad students and faculty.

The last event Escalante wanted to mention is called Baile Folklorico, which is a traditional Mexican dance.

“If you are unfamiliar with the name, it is the women with the huge skirts dancing,” Escalante said. 

ISO has a group coming to campus, Ballet Folklorico Estrellas de Jalisco, who will perform the Folklorico on March 29 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. The event is held for students to watch and appreciate the culture of the dance.

ISO welcomes all of campus to come and join in on their events over the semester and join the organization to help keep events like this going.