Class of 2023’s 100 days of senior

by Cash Lee, Staff Reporter

The class of 2023 is counting down the days left until commencement. Yes, literally counting down. 100 Days of Senior kicked off this semester with senior bingo, and there are many more events planned for the rest of the semester. 

This is the first year this class of seniors has experienced a full COVID-free experience, with the exception of the first two weeks back in the Fall. Rich Ramos is one of the people involved in organizing this event and was responsible for bringing it to Simpson’s campus originally. 

Ramos talked about how CAB (campus activities board) event attendance has been overall this year. 

“It’s been okay, I think we’re getting better, but I’ve noticed we’re still dealing with people post covid. It’s still a little difficult getting people to come out to events,” he said. “Getting people back to engaging this year is a bit of a challenge, but for the most part I think we’re doing okay.”

For those that may not know, 100 days of senior is a series of events held only for students graduating after the academic year. This is the 7th year Simpson has hosted this event. The inspiration came from celebrations at other schools, including Ramos’ daughter’s school. Ramos and Andy English came up with the program and name and quickly found that it was successful with students. 

“We’re trying to pull some of the most popular things like bingo and the medallion hunt and combine them with a little more adulting things. Time is winding down, and this is a chance to say there may be good times or bad times in the future, but lets at least celebrate this last semester we have,” Ramos said. 

Senior biology major Cole Romdall provided his thoughts on the event. “It’s a great initiative and I think there’s a good purpose behind it. I’ve heard people are excited about the Mojos event. It’s a college town, and most seniors like to drink, so I think it will be a really good time.” 

“Friday after class” at Mojos is one of the events planned for later in the semester. Game of life series, mixology night and President’s toast to the tassel are some other events seniors can look forward to attending. 

Senior health and exercise science major Mason Ackmojoerson discussed what 100 days of senior means. “It’s a good way to end our college career after what we’ve gone through. Covid was really tough and caused us to miss out on a lot of opportunities, so it’s great that we do get this experience. So far, senior bingo was really fun, and I’m looking forward to some of the other events.” 

Hopefully, everyone involved will find an event that appeals to them and allows them to have fun. Ramos’ personal favorite is the President’s toast to the tassel. “The whole intention behind it is to give you, as students, an opportunity to get together and have a cocktail or drink with somebody who has played an important role in your experience here. It can be a coach, a custodian, it could be someone from food services, but the intention is that it’s a thank you to them.”

Seniors, enjoy the rest of your bittersweet time on campus. Those who aren’t yet graduating, at least you have something to look forward to.