Simpson Student Media Remembers Shelby McCasland


Shelby McCasland of the class of 2022, passed on Dec. 23, 2022. While at Simpson, Shelby contributed to Simpson Student Media and was involved with the Speech and Debate team. She was also the President of Omicron Kappa Delta (ODK), a collegiate honor society. She is deeply missed by those who knew her. Included are a few statements about Shelby from those who had worked with and knew her. 

Ethan Humble:

Shelby was a great friend of mine on staff. She helped me mightily in organizing the KSTM radio shows and the website, but more importantly, she had a heart of gold. She showed me genuine care in such a short period of time knowing her, and my favorite quality of her was her way of showing true love and concern for those closest to her. Shelby worked so hard to help those around her, and if you were a friend of hers, she would make sure you knew it through her amazing hugs and caring demeanor. I miss her dearly.

Kyle Werner:

I first met Shelby on the speech and debate team at a tournament last year. It was my first tournament on the team, and she set a high standard for what it meant to be a debater for me. Going forward, she helped me with debate and even helped me during nationals so I could do the best I could. She always pushed herself and those around her to do their best. She was a great friend who pushed me to where I am today, and I am deeply grateful that I could have her in my life.

Caleb Geer:

SC101 (Now Foundations) was where I first met Shelby, who was a junior transfer student at the time. Even with the age difference she faced she was still extremely genuine and able to help me and the rest of the class, who were all still trying to figure out college life, get settled and put in good work at the college level. She was a great role model. As we both continued on and began working in Student Media I was fortunate to get to know her even better. I will always happily remember when me and Ethan dubbed her the ‘Vice Chancellor of KSTM’ while organizing radio shows.

We will be re-running a few of her top stories in her honor.