Horoscopes 12/8/22

Horoscopes 12/8/22

by Kendra Campbell, Staff Reporter

Aries: Prepare yourself. Your decision-making skills will be tested. 

Taurus: People may not be so accepting. It may be good to keep your opinions to yourself this week. 

Gemini: You may feel as if it is hard to choose between having fun and getting work done. However, do not forget you have responsibilities to do. 

Cancer: You probably have a full to-do list. It is important to check items off your to-do list but remember to take some time for yourself. Some things can wait for tomorrow. 

Leo: You deserve to have a nice day, do not let your concerns overtake a peaceful day. 

Virgo: Your emotions may be running high right now. Don’t be afraid to take space for yourself and let others know where your boundaries are. 

Libra: You may have plenty of things to do. Decide to prioritize important needs and leave the less important to-dos for tomorrow. 

Scorpio: Your enthusiasm is great but make sure you focus and put your best foot forward. 

Sagittarius: You may be feeling very emotional and struggling. However, focus on your emotional needs and you will be back to your true self in no time.

Capricorn: You may be on top of your tasks, but some still slip through the cracks. Make sure you are checking off all obligations instead of giving up on a few.

Aquarius: The world may be giving you a bunch of fun opportunities right now, but do not ignore your responsibilities. 

Pisces: You are making great progress in your professional life. Make sure you are not pushing too hard, or you may fall out of motivation.