The podcast experts: Mike and Max


Photo Provided by Mike Madeira

Mike Madeira and Max Robinson created M&M podcast last year and have since started selling their own merchandise.

by Taryn Bertini, Staff Reporter

The M&M podcast has proven to be a huge hit on Simpson College’s campus and continues to grow in popularity.

Sophomores Mike Madeira and Max Robinson met through football and started hanging out more while also having some classes together. The pair then started their podcast when their SC leader suggested they make one together using the KSTM radio station on campus, which Robinson says is what initially started their friendship.

Madeira explains how he had a podcast in high school, and Robinson enjoyed listening to podcasts, so they thought it was a great idea.

Madeira and Robinson discussed what they wanted the podcast to focus on, initially deciding to focus on JV athletes at Simpson.

“We saw that varsity athletes got a lot of recognition through the school, and we know, coming from two former JV athletes, that JV athletes work extremely hard and get very little recognition amongst their sport, so we wanted to recognize everybody,” Madeira said.  

The pair wanted to stay away from just Simpson athletes because they did not want to be solely related to the campus. They also had the goal of growing their podcast and reaching a broader audience.

Their podcast has now started focusing on mental health because of its importance to both of them.

“It’s just something that Mike and I discovered that we both were really interested in,” Robinson said. “Our whole world has started to talk about it more, and I feel like I’m in a great position here to do that with Mike along by my side.”

Madeira and Robinson said that they didn’t know it would be as big of a hit as it is but had always hoped for it to grow. 

“We’re still trying to grow every day on what we do, and we have a bigger vision for where we’re going, but proud is an understatement,” Madeira said. 

The podcast has given them a lot of different opportunities. It has given them a way to connect with each other, and it has introduced them to many different people. 

Robinson says making the podcast has taught him discipline and to be a better listener.

“I think the podcast is a great place to go if you’re someone who’s just looking for something to do, looking for some guidance in life or just looking for someone to make their lives better,” Robinson said. 

Madeira says his favorite part has been meeting everyone who helps with the podcast, including the people behind the scenes. 

“We’re super appreciative of everyone at Simpson who supports us and buys our merch and listens to the podcast,” Madeira said. 

The podcast originated on Spotify, and the pair also used Instagram Live as their outlet but have since switched to posting videos on YouTube of their episodes.

The M&M podcast airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.