Support for Emotional Support Animals


by Ariel Clark, Staff Reporter

Recently there has been some controversy in regards to owning emotional support animals while in college. In particular, Fox News went on a tangent that students who felt the need to own a cat were just snowflakes that needed to be slapped rather than given a pet. This statement feels contradictory, considering the fact that the organization is upset about something that helps alleviate stress.

College is already a disaster for many students. Trying to juggle being an adult, going to work and attending studies while also doing homework and finding time to do personal projects or relax is a new experience for most students. This can lead to a lot of distress, especially in people with mental disorders. 

With inflation pushing student debt sky-high, and the news projecting tragedy after tragedy, many students are trying to balance their personal life with national issues. This has led to an increase in stress and depression among the populace. As such, therapy has become more socially acceptable in recent years.

The purpose of life is to make life easier for the next generations. Fox News’ statement of abuse and belittlement is a step in the opposite direction. It shows bitterness towards the younger populace simply because they aren’t suffering as much as they did. If a cat or dog helps alleviate a student’s loneliness and provides them with a sense of stress relief, who are they to step in and enforce violence? 

Instead of cultivating a new generation of abusers and sociopathic persons, we should be trying to support people going through hardships in this depressing era. The irony of getting upset over emotional support animals and then calling those who have them “snowflakes” seems lost on the broadcast. These are the kind of ideas we need to be wary of and avoid in order to ensure a safer and brighter future for our kind. 

Being stressed 24/7 and feeling alone is NOT the goal. Feeling safe and secure while getting a degree and attempting to pay off debts is a step in the right direction. If a cat or dog helps with that, then who are outsiders to tell them otherwise? Life is already hard and depressing. Don’t listen to people like Fox News who believe a pessimistic world is an ideal world. Live life in a way that makes you happy and satisfied. A bright future leads to a bright world.