It’s hard to study on campus

by Ryan Magalhaes, Staff Reporter

Holy Grounds is now the only location on campus open late, making all-nighters even harder. Dunn Library, historically a favorite place to study, has been under construction since May 20.

Its temporary location above Pfeiffer Hall is only open until 10 p.m. There are also significantly fewer study spaces in the new location. With Kent Campus Center’s lack of quiet spaces, a constriction of options presents itself to students wishing to study late into the night.

Having a quiet space to work is important. Emerald Group, a research company of higher education, found that having options other than dorm room studying was desirable.

“Students desire more space for quiet study and, when library quiet spaces are expanded, they have flocked to these zones,” a recent publication reads.

Junior Megan Sites expressed similar feelings. In previous years, she liked to study in the library, and its closing has forced her to study in her apartment.

“I prefer the library. I like that it’s quiet and my roommate and cats can’t bother me,” she said. 

Her frustrations are unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Cyd Dyer, the director of the library, said over email that a meeting is scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving to discuss the construction project.

With an end date for construction still unclear, students will have to continue using alternative options. Holy Grounds is one, but Sites has found other options too.

“One time I studied in the area outside the workout room,” she said.

Sound is one of the major factors that students consider when deciding where to do their studying.

“I like it to be quiet so I can study without getting distracted,” Sites said.
“Other places on campus, you can’t study because it’s not quiet.”

There is also the commuter lounge in McNeil hall, which has limited seating. Some students choose to study outdoors, but that won’t be practical for much longer as colder weather rolls in.

There are a few off-campus study options for students with cars. Indianola Public Library is open until 8:30 p.m., but there are no options for dedicated quiet study spots past 10:00 p.m. Holy Grounds offers the closest alternative.

“I like to do my homework before 11:00 p.m.” Sites said. “But if I have work or something else, then I have to stay up.”