Dr. Squatch: The only soap men should buy


Dr. Squatch is an organic soap brand that makes bar soap for men. It was founded in 2013 but didn’t really become known until its ad campaign on TikTok and has grown and expanded to more than just soap. I found the soap on TikTok and have used it ever since.

One of the things I like about it is they are always collaborating with just about any business or industry. They have gone as far as gaming and movie collaborations. They don’t stop there. They also do seasonal soaps for fall, winter, spring and summer, along with holiday soaps for things like Halloween and Christmas. 

These bars are also so much better for your skin than regular bottled soap and it makes your skin feel and look so much better. They also have just about anything you would need to go with their soap as well, such as soap grippers, savers and travel bags.

Dr. Squatch also has bundles you can buy to get a large amount of soap for a lower price. The company does monthly subscriptions too, so you never have to worry about running out of soap. This store, however, is mostly online orders, but they are starting to expand their brand into stores like Walmart, making for a faster pick-up. The only bad thing is that they only carry the original line of soaps.

Since the company first opened, they have expanded into things like deodorant, hair products, toothpaste and, just recently, candles. I have used their deodorant and I do like it to an extent, but I do not like that it leaves white marks on my clothes or that it clumps up. I also have their toothpaste which comes as a two-pack that has day and night toothpaste which helps with different things and helps me keep a  routine of brushing day and night.

I have also tried their hair products and, personally, I do not use them. Not because they are bad, it’s just not a big enough bottle to last a long time. You have to buy it more than you would the soap. I also ordered more soap and got a candle to try for the first time. I feel like most of the products they have will not disappoint. 

Overall, I think the brand as a whole does a very good job of making products, marketing them and keeping its brand growing and keeping customers coming back, which is an important part of a successful business. I will confidently say Dr. Squatch will be my forever go-to brand for shower products. I have put so many of my friends and family on the product who feel the same way about it. So, I would recommend Dr. Squatch to any man that hasn’t already tried it and I will almost guarantee you will not want to go back.