Fraternity extends fundraising effort with #TeamJake


by Ethan Zierke, Staff Reporter

What began as a single-handed fundraising effort for the family of Jake Hartvigsen is now engaging the efforts of an entire fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity members Rasim Dezic and Matt Lash are extending the task that was initiated by Tom Kolbo, a close friend to Hartvigsen and fellow fraternity member.

“Tom set up the GoFundMe page to help raise money for Jake’s family so they wouldn’t have to worry about bills on top of grieving of the loss of their son,” said Lash. “From there, Rasim and I sat down and decided that we, Lambda Chi Alpha as a chapter, should do more to help Jake’s family.”

Lash and Dezic began a discussion amongst the fraternity regarding additional ways to assist in the fundraising effort. The brothers of Lambda Chi decided to sell wristbands as a way to support the family while commemorating Hartvigsen’s life.

Lash devised the slogan, “Team Jake” which became a hashtag that the fraternity is using on Twitter and Facebook to draw support for the fundraiser. This slogan will be printed on the wristbands.

Lambda Chi will be selling these wristbands for $5 each during intermission at all three Opera performances this weekend. They plan to continue fundraising next week in the Kent Campus Center and hope to reach a goal of $1,000.