Summer housing preparations are underway as the year closes


Sophie Reese

Clinton is preparing for summer residents.

by Sophie Reese, Video Editor

As summer is quickly approaching, residence life is preparing summer housing for students who choose to live on campus over break.

Summer Housing will be held inclusively in Clinton Apartments as it has been in the past with roughly six community advisors (CA) present.

Associate Director of Residence Life Heather Emery-Cunningham says that those staying at Simpson for the summer will begin moving on Monday, May 23.

“Everybody who signs up to stay for summer, regardless of where they currently are, and regardless of whether it’d be for fall, does have to move into Clinton for summer housing. A lot of our spaces that we have over the summer end up getting rented out to conference groups that come in,” Emery-Cunningham said.

Dining options will not be open during the summer, but all residents will have access to a kitchen in their Clinton apartment.

A past summer CA, Alyssa Whitham explains the difference in housing in the regular year versus the summer from a CA perspective. 

“Being a summer CA is way more relaxed than being a CA during the year,” Whitham said.

In terms of moving times, Emery-Cunningham suggests that students work around their internship schedules to be able to move in at the correct times as deadlines are tight. 

“So, you know when they apply for summer housing, making sure that if they’ve got other jobs or internships that they really work with those employers to make sure that they have those times to be prepared and ready,” Emery-Cunningham said.

There are many differences in the CA position during the summer as Whitham explains.

“We didn’t have to do any programs, which is different than normal CAs in the semester which have to do a program each month,” Whitham said.

There is also only one door decoration that needs to be made for the summer rather than two a semester as it is in the normal term.

Doing rounds is also a big difference during the summer term as CAs do not have to do it as often.

“So, we would just be on duty for one week straight and we would only have to do duty for one apartment, like go on rounds for one hour and it was usually at like eight o’clock,” Whitham said.

During a regular term, CAs go on rounds a few times a night.

Junior Morgan Sorenson is planning on utilizing Simpson’s summer housing as she has an internship with Balance Autism that is not far from campus. One thing she may struggle with however is loneliness. 

“I am kind of concerned about being a little bit lonely because not a lot of people do live on campus during the summer. All of my friends will be living at home,” Sorenson said.

Sorenson explains that even though it is summer break, she won’t have any problem with finding things to keep busy.

 “I will be having a full schedule. So not having classes is really being made up with more hours at work, so I won’t have to worry about not having anything to do because I will have plenty of things to do,” Sorenson said.