The voices behind M&M

by Shelby McCasland, Staff Reporter

KSTM’s M&M podcast has become a popular listen among Simpson College students.

First-years, Michael Madeira and Max Robinson, started the podcast during the fall semester of 2021. The duo has quickly gained a following with 300+ followers on Instagram, over 600 listens on Spotify, and 45 followers on Twitter. The pair have even had success in selling items with the show’s logo across campus. 

“We love everything about the podcast, especially our fans,” Madeira said.

Madeira is majoring in History and Secondary education. Robinson is majoring in Sports Administration. Both are on the Food Advisory Council for the college. Both have had prior public speaking experience. Madeira hosted Monarch Media for his high school and Robinson was an announcer for lacrosse.

The pair first decided to start the show after being encouraged by others involved with KSTM due to their outgoing nature. They began planning for what the topic would be. Both are involved on campus through the football team and their idea was to center the show around campus sports.

“Mike and I talked about making the show, not about football, but still wanted it to involve sports,” Robinson said. “That is how we came up with bringing on JV athletes.” 

The weekly choice of JV athlete keeps the topic choice rotating. Each guest brings a new perspective and stories to each episode. The topics range from covering in-season pro sports to topics from around campus.

“We first think about who we are bringing on and once we decide it we talk about inserting topics that can keep a conversation going and things we can branch off of,” Madeira said.

Both are grateful for the range of people they have been able to meet through the podcast and their dedication to finding different guest speakers for every episode. In response to being asked about challenges they have faced, Robinson explained that while the range of people has been a plus for the pair, it has been challenging to stay dedicated and keep content interesting.

 “Keeping content fun and fresh for our fans,” Robinson said. “It also is hard to have energy when our views are down but we have found ways to persevere.” 

The two have gained followers and stay active on their social media. They use multiple channels of media to inform fans of time changes, merchandise and dropping updates about episodes.

“We have been booming in our social media by staying involved with almost everything on campus,” Madeira said. “We have merch that I always see around so I would say we are very successful.”

Tune in to their next show on KSTM 88.9 the Storm Wednesdays at 8 p.m. or stream their episodes on Spotify at M&M Podcast.