Review: A magical movie that breaks all stereotypes

by Regan Freland, Staff Reporter

“Encanto” is a must-see Disney film filled with beautifully created characters that are extremely relatable and push against social norms. With its refreshing storyline, spot-on comedic timing and beautiful setting and details, “Encanto” has won my heart. 

Following a horrible tragedy, Abuela Alma Madrigal is blessed with a candle that holds a miracle, which provides a magical house for her family. This house is home to the Madrigals: a large family full of siblings and cousins that each have different magical powers. Everyone, except the youngest daughter, Mirabel.

Mirabel goes on to try and save the family’s miracle, as she wants to show she is good enough to belong in the family. Although each of the characters is lucky enough to have a power, once they realize their power is at stake, it helps them realize who they truly are. It allows the characters to branch away from who they feel they need to be rather than become who they want to be.

 I think that is an important message everyone can take away from this. 

While “Encanto” can be considered at some points a lighthearted comedy, it has many important messages that everyone can take something away from. I believe that is what makes the film so great. 

Some of those themes that are very relatable are personal challenges with vulnerability, perfection, self-acceptance and embracing flaws. Every viewer can identify with Mirabel’s path of self-discovery as well as not feeling she is good enough. 

Disney’s animated fantasy films have a long history of focusing on the dominant white cultures around the world. “Encanto” is one of the films that has helped to alter this trend. Following the Polynesian representation in “Moana,” Disney has now dove into the beauties of Colombian culture with “Encanto.” With its scenic environment, traditional clothes, and lovely music, “Encanto” does the same for Colombian-Latin culture. These characteristics have successfully strengthened the film’s intriguing plot.

Speaking of authentic music, the songs in this film might be my favorite part. I guarantee you will find yourself stuck singing these amazing songs that are provided within the film. These songs are simply well written and fit perfectly into the scenes. 

The beauty of the film is also something that makes the movie so fun to watch. The vivid colors and fun characteristics continue to pull you in scene by scene. 

“Encanto” is a fantastic movie that can encourage young people to recognize their own abilities and potential. It provides and normalizes the idea that everyone is different and special and that is okay. Everyone struggles with their own insecurities, and that is what “Encanto” is trying to provide. 

“Encanto,” much like the family it portrays; it’s nothing short of a magical experience: charming, sweet, heartwarming, and a musical masterpiece from start to finish.

If I had to provide one negative takeaway it would be the fact that the beginning seemed to be a bit confusing. There are a lot of characters introduced, as well as heavy content. As the movie continues, these aspects work themselves out, though. 

All in all, “Encanto” is a great movie for any age. Throughout the great lessons, beautiful scenery and amazing music, you cannot go wrong with this movie. All in all, I would rate this film a 9/10.