Early practices have nothing on Simpson Softball


Katie Burns

The Simpson College Softball team adapts to having morning practice and the coaches are impressed with how well their performance has been these past few weeks of practice.

by Katie Burns, ID Magazine Layout Editor

After wrapping up their fall season last semester, the Simpson softball team starts their regular season practices bright and early in the morning.

The team practices in Cowles Fieldhouse from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Head coach Brent Matthias says practicing in the morning allows the team to have a consistent schedule rather than having mixed-up practice times throughout the week.

When it comes to the players’ athletic abilities practicing in the morning, Matthias said he is impressed with how the team has adapted to waking up early and is ready to get the ball rolling during practice.

“We’ve got players rolling in at 5 a.m. because that’s when Jacy, our trainer, is able to see them so that they can get taped or get whatever they might need to get done before practice,” he said. “Even though we start by 5:30 a.m, there’s a large contingent at five just to get things ready for themselves to get going.”

Assistant coach Casey Hagarty is impressed with the team’s dedication to early practice.

“The kids really go hard in the morning and I have to say I love watching how they compete in the morning and get after it,” she said.

Hagarty said that practicing early in the morning is an advantage for when their first games of the season start down in Florida, where they have to get up around the same time.

“When we start our season and have morning games, our kids will be ready to go. They’re used to being awake and in Florida, we’ve got morning games, so it’ll be nice that those kids are there already in that mode of being awake early and ready to go,” Hagarty said.

Sophomore Maizee Lindsey has been a part of the program for a year and says she enjoys morning practices because of the time she is able to have for classes and free time once practice is over.

Waking up at 5:30 a.m. has many challenges, but Lindsey said that the team and coaching staff play a huge role in what motivates her into waking up and putting in the grind.

“Once I am warmed up and ready to go I think that my body practices are better in the mornings. I make sure that I get enough rest for the morning practices so I am fully fueled and ready to go,” Lindsey said.

Matthias also explained that practicing in the morning can have challenges with players’ abilities, but if they come to practice, bring energy and give it their all, the team will be successful once their season games start rolling.

Due to cold temperatures and weather, the coaching staff said they are unsure when they will be able to get out on the field and start having later practices, but Matthias is ready to see the team compete in Florida over spring break.