Resources for Black Journalists with Opinion Editor Evan Burley


by Evan Burley, Opinion Editor

To honor and amplify Black History Month, senior and Opinion Editor Evan Burley shared a few of his most helpful news-related resources in his experience navigating his own identity in a predominantly white industry.

“Being a mixed Black person in a predominately white newsroom can be an isolating, frustrating and at times exhausting experience. There have been plenty of times where I considered quitting,” Burley said. “These resources have been helpful in helping me feel less alone and providing resources and advice I can turn to.”

The Collective

“The Collective, a newsletter from the Poynter Institute that posts advice and opportunities for Black, Brown and Asian student journalists,” Burley said.

Keeping up with Black content on Social Media

“Following Black journalists, columnists and critics,” Burley said. He listed 10 to get started: @DaShaunLH, @jbouie, @WeekesPrincess, @haaniyah, @offbeatorbit, @bigblackjacobin, @kat__stafford, @adashtra, @WrittenByHanna, @AsteadWesley and @battymamzelle

The National Association of Black Journalists

“The National Association of Black Journalists — which also has a Twitter account — website is filled with resources for Black students and professional journalists,” Burley said. “Scholarship, fellowship and internship opportunities, as well as career databases and event information, can be found here.“ Here’s a link to their website for more information.

*This article was republished from Simpson’s Multimedia Communications website.