Senior Spotlight: Caroline Oberg

by Riley Fletcher, Staff Reporter

Senior Caroline Oberg says Simpson has helped her grow as a person in many ways, but one experience that stood out to her was traveling abroad to Paris during her first year.

“That was really life-changing for me, and it helped me get, like, worldly perspective,” Oberg said. “I just feel this is the perfect place for the transition from being a teen to being an adult, and I’ve definitely had that growth while I’ve been here.”

Oberg is majoring in interactive media will graduate in Dec. 2021. Oberg is from Sioux City, Iowa and attended West High School.

If Oberg could say one thing to herself during her first year of college, she would tell herself to stop worrying.

“When I was a freshman, I was so scared every time I had an assignment. I would just get so much anxiety and be like, ‘I’ll never be able to do this,’ and, ‘Everyone is so much smarter than me,’” Oberg said. “I definitely didn’t have a lot of faith it would all work out in the end, which it almost always does.”

Oberg, who is a member of the swimming team, encourages students to get involved while they can.

“My freshman year, I wasn’t involved in anything and it sucked. It was so hard,” Oberg said. “I joined the swim team my sophomore year, and that was really life-changing. You definitely get to know a lot more people when you’re involved, and that sort of widens your support group and makes life easier all around.”

One of Oberg’s favorite memories during her time at Simpson was going to London to visit her friend who was studying abroad two years ago. While her stay was short—around four or five days—she enjoyed the memory.

Oberg does not have any plans for after graduation at the moment but is actively applying to jobs.

“I get, like, three or four rejection emails daily,” Oberg said. “Maybe I’ll end up working at Starbucks or something for a week or two, which is totally fine. I’m not stressed about it. I have faith it’ll work out.”