Review: Car jump starter: a simple product that’s a great help


by Chris Miller, Staff Reporter

You probably won’t impress your friends by posting this product to your social media page, but it will surely come in handy when you need it.

This product is the Schumacher Electric 400 Amp Lithium Ion Jump Starter. I know what you guys are thinking: is this dude really telling us to buy a car jump starter? Why, yes, I am. You should definitely look into purchasing one of these bad boys as soon as possible. The colder months are quickly approaching, and car batteries dying will become all the more common. 

After attending an Iowa State football game one cold winter day, I walked back to my car to head home. When I got in my car, I tried starting it, and it wouldn’t work. I began to get a little nervous, and then after three failed attempts, panic mode started to settle in. I called my mom and told her my car wouldn’t start, and luckily for me, she told me about this jump starter kit in the trunk. My mom gave me directions on how to use it, and in less than five minutes, I was back on the road. I am very grateful that my mom bought that kit, or I would’ve been in some trouble. 

When telling someone about a product, the first question you always get asked is: “How much does it cost?”

You can find the jump starter kit at Walmart for $66, but don’t let this price scare you away; this product is a lifesaver. I recommend that you and your roommates all put some money together and store it in your room for when it’s needed. The kit comes with a portable battery, red and black clamps connected to a little black box, a charging cable and a bag to store everything in. 

The car jump starter is easy to use; there are only a few simple steps to get the job done. 

First, open your car hood. Second, attach the red cable to the positive and black cable to the negative. Then, turn the portable charger on by flicking the switch down and holding the black power button. At this point, you’re almost finished. Next, attach the blue connectors to the portable charger. Your car should now be hooked up. Finally, press the red power button on the little black box, and your vehicle should start. Detailed instructions are also included with the product. I timed myself once last year, and it took 47 seconds. 

Trust me, it is super easy. 

What makes this car jump starter so much better than other products is that it actually works. I have used this thing multiple times, and it has never let me down (knock on wood). Some other cool features included are a flashlight and charging port. 

Buying this product will save you a lot of time and stress. I know you guys don’t want to start your car every day when it’s freezing outside and your car is four feet deep in snow. You don’t have to buy this product but just remember when your car’s battery is drained, and it needs to be jumped, you will be telling yourself you should have taken that kid’s advice from The Simpsonian.