SGA plans student activities day to promote student organizations


Corinne Thomas

Clubs like Active Minds will have the chance to participate in Student Activities Day to raise awareness and increase membership coming this April.

by Alyssa Whitham , Staff Reporter

Campus Connections Committee and Student Organization Committee of SGA will be hosting a Student Activities Day for clubs to set up booths, students to play games and to learn more about the organizations.

The Students Activities Day is scheduled for April 14. The time is yet to be determined, but the committee is hoping for it to be an all-day affair. 

According to first-year Hadleigh Markun, a committee member, it will be carnival-themed; where booths can have fun interactive activities for students to play and then leave with more information from the club. 

Their main goal for this event is to take different groups and spread the word for students on how to get more involved. 

“For first-years, it was really hard for us this semester to find clubs and activities, so we’re hoping to spread the word about everything,” Markun said.

In the past, the Campus Connections Committee, or CCC, would hold a Student Activities Day where different clubs, Greek life and other organizations could come and market to students about themselves and gain more members.

When going through the constitution for the committee, Chairmen Frank Cruz noticed this was an event they have done in the past, and wanted to continue the tradition.

Every club that has been officially recognized by the college has been invited and will be allowed to have a booth set up anywhere on campus. These organizations include Greek life, organizations like CAB and SGA and more student-run clubs. Both Cruz and Markun said the committee will be hoping to have the event spread across campus like the trick-or-treating night CAB hosted last fall. 

The organizations have free reign over how they decide to set up their booth as long as they are following COVID-19 guidelines set in place by Simpson. Masks will be required, food must be individually packaged and social distancing will be heavily recommended.

The CCC is looking into having food trucks as well, such as Outside Scoop and other local vendors. However, they are still in contact and nothing has been confirmed. 

Cruz said the committee is hoping to continue this every year if all goes well on April 14.