SGA temporarily removes anonymous comments box

by Abby Ludwig, Staff Reporter

SGA has recently decided to remove the anonymous comments box, previously made for students to voice their opinions.

Simpson’s student government has made the decision to remove the anonymous comments box that has previously been used for students to voice their concerns or opinions. But as Vice President Chase Henry explains, that may no longer be the case.

“SGA is removing the anonymous comments box because of the fact that it was turning into a place where people can anonymously target certain individuals rather than bring certain problems or announcements to SGA so we can solve them as a larger group,” Henry said.

Henry said in the past, the box had been used more positively than negatively to bring up certain problems.

“Recently, it has been used to target certain individuals on SGA,” Henry said.

He went on to say, “it’s temporarily blocked right now.”

Henry said that SGA advisor Rich Ramos made the ultimate decision and that President of SGA Jorge Castelan and him supported Ramos’s decision.

Henry said there is a replacement for the box.

“There will be a link sent in the weekly minutes that will take you directly to leave a comment, but you will have to use a valid Simpson ID and expect a response in return. As always, you can also email [email protected], and that is another way that you can relay information to the larger SGA.”

Henry says he doesn’t see the box being permanently banned.

“I don’t see it being permanently banned, but I think it’s good to take a break so SGA can focus on the things we need to focus on instead of me reading negative messages directed toward certain individuals.”

Sophomore Alex Fuller gave his opinion on removing the box and what he thinks it means for the SGA President and Vice President.

“My initial reaction was that there’s criticism all year round but especially with being SGA President and Vice President, Jorge (Castelan) and Chase (Henry) respectively went through a lot of criticism, and last year a lot of people were calling for Jorge’s impeachment as Vice President,” Fuller said.

Fuller pointed out the timing of removing the anonymous comments box in the past.

“Coincidentally, the minute that the SGA senators had lots of criticism, the comment box got taken away,” Fuller said. “It also got taken away the same week the security cameras were installed, which made our voices kind of disappear the week that a lot of big events happened.”

Fuller explains how he now no longer has a way to voice his opinion to SGA.

“The only way I could possibly do so is through Chase and Jorge is because I’m in the same fraternity as them, and I can talk directly towards them,” Fuller said.

He went on to say, “but people here, they have no voice.”

Fuller said that if the box were to come back, it should be left how it is.

“I think it should be left how it is for any opinions to be seen and heard by the receiving end,” Fuller said. “So no, I don’t think any changes would be necessary.”