Maple Tree Marketplace: Simpson’s very own marketing platform

by Natalie Tryon, Staff Reporter

Maple Tree Marketplace (MTM) is a unique online marketing platform managed and designed by Simpson College students in the EMERGE@Simpson and Senior Capstone programs. 

Maple Tree’s mission is to help local Indianola and Simpson College student-run businesses grow and reach new heights in their entrepreneurship journeys. MTM strives to focus on its mission to “connect college to community.” 

This free marketing platform has a user-friendly online site that helps businesses strengthen their connections and build relationships with new and potential customers by promoting their product or service. MTM provides students with local business college discount information. It also offers resources and tips for students hoping to start or grow their own successful businesses. 

MTM is looking for more student businesses to connect with and would love to support you on your entrepreneurship adventure. Maple Tree provides a unique electronic platform that stimulates an entrepreneurial environment joining the greater Indianola community and Simpson College.

Similar to Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, Maple Tree Marketplace is a platform that allows people to buy, sell and trade products. A competitive advantage Simpson’s Maple Tree has over its competitors is its emphasis on ensuring safety for its customers. 

Often, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist items are for sale from strangers, whereas the products on Maple Tree Marketplace are from local students and businesses. 

Support Simpson College students and their businesses today. MTM offers photography services, podcasts, artwork, apparel and more. Some current Simpson student-run products and services you can find include Gear Athletics, SimpCo Sells, Luv By Penny, Shima Videography & Photography, Photography by Corinne Thomas and Appl Goods.

Senior Simpson student and founder of Gear Athletics, Taylor Hereid, shares how he joined Maple Tree Marketplace in hopes to increase brand awareness on campus and the community. 

“Gear Athletics is an activewear brand that hopes to inspire people to take on the fitness lifestyle,” Hereid said. “Your body is a machine, and you must adjust your gear to reach greater strength and speed.”

Hereid’s apparel brand was inspired by his one-year health and fitness transformation. “After I posted my transformation on YouTube, it received 115,000 views. I knew my story resonated with many people. As fitness grew as a passion of mine, I decided to take my interest in graphic design and entrepreneurship to start my own fitness brand,” Hereid said.

He states that Maple Tree Marketplace has benefited from growing his brand, especially at the local level.

Sophomore Jenny Nguyen found her passion for art during the pandemic.

“During quarantine, my sister and I got bored and ordered a lot of resin supplies to make stuff for ourselves, and when we posted our work on our social media, people kept asking when we were going to sell, which sparked the creation of Luvbypenny,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen states that she has noticed more Simpson students purchasing items from LuvByPenny since connecting with Maple Tree Marketplace.

MTM would like to publicly recognize and thank their sponsor partnerships with Webster Creative, EXIT Realty North Star, Salem Connection and Kielkopf Advisory Services for supporting the growth of student entrepreneurship. 

If you are interested in partnering with or sponsoring Maple Tree Marketplace, please contact [email protected] or find them on social media platforms @mapletreemarket.