New virtual marketplace, SimpCo Sells, already gaining speed on campus


by Abby Ludwig, Staff Reporter

A new virtual marketplace, SimpCo Sells, officially launched this fall by a group of seniors for their management capstone, is already getting a lot of use by students on campus.

One of the students headlining the capstone project is senior Cassie Sand. She explained how SimpCo Sells works.

“SimpCo Sells functions similarly to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, except it is exclusive to the Simpson College community. We have a student-led Facebook page group where students must request permission to join. Next, they need to read and understand our handbook and waiver. After people are verified as Simpson students, they can then post and interact in the group.”

Sand continued on to say, “If someone wants to buy what someone posts, they would privately message the seller to figure out the price and the location of the sale. We have two safe and secure places where SimpCo Sells locations must take place: the information desk in Kent or the front desk in Dunn Library.”

Sand also explained how to join SimpCo Sells properly.

“You can join by looking for our page titled ‘SimpCo Sells’ on Facebook or by following the steps on our website.”

Another senior at Simpson who helped kickstart the company, Lizzy Adams, says the idea started last year in Simpson’s entrepreneurial club, C.E.O.

“It started last year in C.E.O. The idea came from Abby Ruby and was worked on by the senior seminar class last year. SimpCo Sells was finally finished and made public this fall by myself, Parker Ryan, Jeremiah Chandler, and Cassie Sand.”

Adams also explained why SimpCo Sells was started in the first place.

“It was started because students wanted a safe and accessible way to make money quickly. By creating a platform where students can sell things to their peers in a safe space without shipping, they can make money quickly using things they no longer need.”

Senior Enrique Idehen explained what he likes about SimpCo Sells.

“It’s a one-stop-shop to buy goods and items right on campus. Not only can students clean up needed space in their room or car, but they can also make money.”

Idehen says the program could be improved by including a premium service with benefits for members and that the service is for both students as well as faculty and staff.

Idehen says to anyone considering using SimpCo sells, “This service brings value to those who need to make some extra cash and or get items off their hands. It’s never been easier.”