Simpson Students geared up and ready to vote


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Kylie Potratz poses with voting sticker.

by Sophie Reese, Staff Reporter

For many students, this election was the first time they have voted in a presidential election. As for other students, it is their first time voting for any election.

“I have voted in the primary this past June and caucused, but I have not had the chance to vote in the presidential election,” Alyssa Whitham, a sophomore at Simpson College, said.

This election is sophomore Chase Henry’s first time voting. 

“This was my first time voting in an election. It was a nerve-racking experience, but also extremely simple,” Henry said.

Some students decided to participate in a mail-in voting system or fill out an absentee ballot, while others decided to head into the polling booths to vote in person for a candidate.

Sophomore Morgan Flynn participated in filling out an absentee ballot and dropping it off herself at the Warren County Auditor’s office.

 “The process is quick and easy and doesn’t take up time like going to the polls on election day does,” Flynn said.

Henry also decided to vote by using the Warren County’s Auditor’s office but decided to try their drive-in voting system that occurs in the parking lot.

“This process was extremely simple,” Henry said. “All you had to do was go up the street to the Warren County Administrative Building. Once you arrive, you just stay in your car, call the number on the sign in front of your parking spot, and they bring out all the necessary forms you need.”

Sophomores Kylie Potratz and Whitham both decided to do in-person voting to ensure that their vote counts. 

“The main reason I have chosen to vote in person is that I want to make sure my vote counts,” Potratz said.

No matter how students voted, they expressed the importance of voting.

“Voting is extremely important,” Henry said. “Knowing that you are helping decide the majority decision is a great feeling. It is also a pivotal moment in the history of our country. Change is hard, but with younger adults voting, our country can continue to grow and excel.”

Potratz also noted how important it is to vote.

“This is one of the key components of the foundation of our country. The founding fathers wanted to give power to the people, and that is done through the process of voting,” Potratz said.

“I think it is important to vote because this is a significant opportunity to use your voice and make change happen,” Flynn said.

Overall, students have shared their excitement for voting this election year.

“I was very excited to vote in this election. It was my first time voting, and it made me feel like a ‘real’ adult. Having the opportunity to vote is an experience many people don’t have around the world. I value this expression of civic duty greatly,” Henry said.