Make your vote count


by The editorial staff

In 2020, The Simpsonian is choosing not to endorse either Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president or make an endorsement for any other race on the ballot. Instead, the editorial board encourages its readers to make the decision themselves and vote. 

In the past, The Simpsonian has endorsed candidates. Jan. 2016, The Simpsonian endorsed Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio during the primaries as presidential candidates for their respective parties. In Oct. 2018, The Simpsonian endorsed Fred Hubbell for Iowa governor. 

This year we decided not to endorse any candidates within the presidential race. We believe that The Simpsonian is here to help give the facts to students so they can feel like they have the knowledge to vote for the candidate that best echoes their beliefs.

We, as an editorial staff, would like our readers to get out and vote. This year is a tight presidential race and every vote counts. 

Voting is an opportunity for change. You get to help decide how our nation operates.

It is your constitutional right to vote. Too many people have endured hardship and even died to get us to this point today. African American men weren’t able to vote until 1869, and even after that faced voting restrictions like literacy tests and the poll tax, which made it significantly harder for them to vote. Women weren’t able to vote until 1920—Despite this, African American women still faced many barriers in regards to voting. Native Americans were not guaranteed the right to vote in every state until 1962 and still face issues when registering on reservations. 

Even in 2020, voter suppression still occurs. Some are unable to get off work to vote, some must wait hours to cast a ballot, some can’t register without a home address and felons are still disenfranchised.

Young voters are going to have a significant impact on how the 2020 election shakes out. According to the Brookings Institute, Millennials and a portion of Gen Z comprise 37 percent of eligible voters. With such a large percentage of eligible voters, the participation of young people will have a strong impact. 

For most Simpson College students, this will be their first year to vote in a presidential election. Our staff urges everyone to vote. Please make your voice heard.