First-year students navigate college in COVID-19


Courtesy of Simpson College

by Austin Bell, Staff Writer

Even with the regulations that Simpson has put into place, first-year students are still finding ways to make new friends and deal with the everyday stresses of college life.

Simpson is currently in the orange phase, which limits students from having anyone other than their roommates in their room and enforces practicing strict social distancing.

“It kind of sucks not being allowed to have anyone in your room,” said first-year Cam While. “To make up for that, we have had hallway parties where we sit in the hallway with our masks on.” 

Every returning student understands the normal stress of a college workload, but these first-year students have to get used to college life along with these new regulations and the added stress of meeting new people.

 Students understand why regulations are in place, even when it means they aren’t allowed to see their friends or meet new people.

“I would rather have these regulations in place and not get sent home like other colleges are going to have to do,” said first-year Jessica Stringer.

It’s not what the first-years were hoping their first year of college to be like but that hasn’t stopped students like While from meeting his fellow first-years.

 “I’m in Kresge and I’m on the gender-inclusive wing and everyone on my floor is just so high energy,” said While.

Some students have found it challenging to make new friends due to the regulations.

“It’s hard to make friends in classes because everyone is so spread out,” said first-year Madeline Oderio.  

The limited access to campus makes it harder to get prospective students to come to campus and find the place that they want to spend the next four years of their life.

“I picked Simpson because I was familiar with it because of my brother,” said Oderio. “I wanted to go to a bigger school, but I didn’t like any of them and Simpson was one of the only ones that kept in contact with me.”

Stringer says that she chose Simpson due to wanting a more personal connection with staff.

“I wanted Interpersonal connections with professors and for them to actually know my name other than [being] a number,” said Stringer