Informal Recruitment a success again


Photo submitted to the Simpsonian

by Jordyn Wilson, Staff Reporter

Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Lambda Gamma concluded their informal recruitment process on Feb. 6. 

Recruitment activities began on Jan. 24, with house tours of each chapter. 

Beginning at 5:30 p.m., Panhellenic members and women interested in Greek Life traveled across campus to visit Pi Phi, Tri-Delta and Kappa. 

After tours of the houses, the women were brought back to Hubbell Hall to have discussions with girls from each house. 

These tours allowed the women to get a glimpse of each chapter, before attending other recruitment events hosted by the houses. 

Each house hosted events for those going through recruitment to get to know their current members. 

Pi Beta Phi Vice President of Recruitment Rachel Mosinski said they participated in the house tour, had a nacho bar night and ended recruitment with a chicken wing night themed “Pi Phi Gives You Wings.”  

“This year’s COB [Continuous Open Bidding] went well and we are excited about the new member that joined our sisterhood,” Mosinski said. “As recruitment chair, I will use this experience to improve other aspects of our recruitment process.” 

Recruitment chairs for each house did an amazing job coming up with fun and creative ways to get girls involved.

Delta Vice President of Membership Beth Stolte believes informal recruitment is a great opportunity for women hoping to join Greek life. 

“I love the informal recruitment process,” Stolte said. “This is the perfect opportunity to give students the chance to learn more about Greek Life and each individual house in a much more relaxed and low-pressure environment.”

Stolte said this process is easier on both the houses and their active members, as well as those joining Greek life. 

“The current members aren’t stressed and can take this as an opportunity to highlight their chapters and what they love about Greek life,” said Stolte. “I also appreciate how informal [recruitment] gives students more time to make a better-informed decision before committing to a house. Going through informal allows the chapters to show themselves, what they love, and make true and real connections with others.” 

Kappa Recruitment Chair Gabby Schroud also thought Informal Recruitment was a success. 

“I thought that Informal Recruitment went fabulous,” Schroud said. “I am super excited for each chapter as they have new sisters join. It warms my heart so much.” 

She also reflected on the low-stress environment that Informal Recruitment provides. 

“It is a wonderful way for girls to get to know the houses and their members for what they are really like day-to-day, as well as get to go to fun events to take away from the stress of schoolwork during the week,” Schroud said. “In addition, these events allow for the girls to feel less pressured and to truly get a taste of what Greek life is like on campus.” 

Schroud sees this as an opportunity for girls to truly bond with the current members of the houses. 

“They are able to create deeper connections to members in houses in order to make the best decision of where they can really see themselves growing and connecting best with the sisters,” she said. “I really appreciate the opportunity to have this more chill recruitment style as it benefits the ladies who go through it, as well as the chapters too. And in the end, we all get awesome new members, so who doesn’t love that?”  

Informal Recruitment brought the Greek community a total of eight new members. Kappa received five new members, Delta gained three and Pi Phi increased by one.