How to jumpstart your internship opportunities


File photo by Danielle Blake

by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

Simpson College has an amazing team of people who help students succeed in their career paths by helping them with resume building, mock interviews and internships. 

Assistant Director of Career Development Laurie Dufoe shared many tips to get involved with the career development team to get started in helping you find your perfect job in the future. The office has two student career coaches and many career peers. 

“My advice to find an internship is to meet with our career development team early and often,” Dufoe said. “We want to help students brainstorm location ideas as well as create professional application materials to share with potential employers.”

The office has two student career coaches as well as many career peers. Students can make appointments with them at any time they are available.

“I also encourage students to use all the resources available on campus including faculty, coaches, work-study supervisors, upper-class students, etc,” Dufoe said. “It is a small world and students often learn of great internship opportunities from the Simpson network.”

Senior Baillee Furst shared the experiences that she had through the Career Development Center. 

“I first went to career development my freshman year after deciding I wanted to change my career path,” Furst said. “From there, my appointments turned into an intern search. The office helped me make my first resume and I secured my first internship November of that year.”

Additionally, Dufoe shared that 48-percent of Simpson students have logged into Handshake so far this year. Right now there are currently 4,800 part-time, full-time and internship opportunities posted on Handshake.

“I’ve had three internships and I’ve found each of them through Simpson’s job board Handshake, or through Bobbi and Laurie pointing them out to me,” Furst said. “Internships are the way you discover what you’re passionate about. Each of mine has taught me something about myself, about the industry or the field I’ve worked in.”

Handshake is a great resource to use when searching for internships.

“Students have access to schedule an appointment with us on Handshake. The system is linked from SC Connect and all students have an account using the same user name and password as other SC accounts,” Dufoe said. 

If students would like to know more information students can go to the career development section on the Simpson College website or log onto their handshake account to schedule an appointment.