Senior Spotlight: Hannah Matt


Photo by Amelia Schafer

by Amelia Schafer , Staff Reporter

Q: Where is your hometown and where did you go to High School? 

A: I went to Sherrard High School and I’m from Viola, Illinois. 

Q: Why did you choose Simpson?

A: I heard about Simpson four years before I even started looking for colleges. My sister came here to play volleyball. I came here on a tour, and I even remember the pool that they used to have here. When I was looking for colleges, I remembered that I did like Simpson’s campus, so I came back and I felt that this was the right place.

Q: Did you know what you wanted to major in before you came to Simpson?

A: I came in undecided. I was hoping to pursue English. My advisor told me to take classes about subjects that I may be interested in and that I got me into my interactive media major. I have English as a minor now.

Q: Who were a couple of professors who were influential to you and why? 

A: I really enjoyed my video production class with Lisa Carponelli. I think that’s what got me really into the communications route and interested in that major. I’ve also really enjoyed Professor Craven who’s my advisor. I took a 3D graphics class, and that was when I really realized that I like combining art and technology together. I didn’t take any art classes in high school, so this is something that’s been enjoyable and new for me at Simpson. 

Q: What are some activities you’ve participated in?

A: I’ve been part of Res Life as a Campus Advisor (CA) for three years. I knew coming here that I wanted to be a part of Res Life. I have two older sisters and my middle sister was an RA and my older sister married an RA. In that way I’ve kind of always been exposed to Res Life. In high school I was very involved, so I knew coming here that I’d like to continue that. I’ve been in CAB, I’ve been a dance club president for three years, I’ve been part of sustainability club and I’m an executive in the dance marathon which I’ve been a part of all four years. I’ve also been a part of band for four years. 

Q: How have these activities contributed to making you the person you are today?

A: I think that being a part of Res Life has had the biggest impact on me. I’ve become a leader not only through my own academic success but through being able to help others. It’s improved my problem-solving skills and it’s been so rewarding. 

Q: What are your plans for after graduation? 

A: As of right now my plans for after graduation are to go to Syracuse, New York to live with my sister and find a job there. Because of Simpson, I feel like I have the skills to find a job even though I’m not certain what it would be. 

Q: If you could get any tattoo what would it be?

A: I’m very indecisive so I don’t know if I’d ever be able to decide on a tattoo, but I think if I got one I would get a sister one. 

Q: What’s your favorite book and your favorite movie?

A: My favorite book would have to be the “FireBird” which I found here at the Indianola Public Library. It’s a really good book. I enjoyed both the fantasy and historical side of it. My favorite movie would have to be “Hidalgo”. 

Q: What has been one of your favorite classes here at Simpson?

A: My May term trip to New Zealand! We had such a great group, I learned so much about photography, and got to experience so many amazing things while there.