Senior Spotlight: Jacob Kuehl rides his way through senior year


Jacob Kuehl is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design with a minor in marketing communications in the spring.

by Reagan Hoffman, Staff Reporter

Senior Jacob Kuehl is majoring in graphic design with a minor in marketing communications. Kuehl chose Simpson College after attending a high school field trip to the campus.

“In high school I wanted to not go to class so I went on a field trip to Simpson,” Kuehl said. “I was just going to screw around and not be in school but I got to campus and saw that I liked it,” 

Kuehl decided on Simpson after receiving emails from Advancement Gifts Officer Dave Williams. 

“I was sucked in by Dave Williams from admissions. He was super invested in getting me and was sending me emails and trying to set up all the other stuff,” Kuehl said. “I hadn’t had that anywhere else I’d gone on a college tour and so that was nice to feel like they were actually invested in my learning.”

Kuehl said that his favorite professor is Lisa Carponelli, a multimedia communications professor.

“She is super nice, a great professor, easy to get along with and work with if you have anything pop up,” Kuehl said.

He said his other two favorite professors would be multimedia communications professor Mark Siebert and management professor Mark Green.

Kuehl is also involved in multiple activities on campus. 

“I am the esports Club Treasurer. I am also the starting support player for the League of Legends team,” Kuehl said. “I’m in Lambda Chi Alpha, currently the alumni relations chair, a member of tabletop gaming club and the skating club Vice President.”

Kuehl has a lot of favorite memories on campus that have involved hanging out with friends but his favorite was his sophomore year during Yell Like Hell.

“We did a Spongebob routine. So there’s me and six of my friends in khaki shorts and white button-ups with red ties and we are doing the bubble blower dance in front of the entire gymnasium,” Kuehl said. 

Kuehl also enjoyed the late nights spending time with his friends.

“Learning how to skateboard here with my friends and going out at night, staying up until 2 a.m. talking about anything and everything,” Kuehl said. “Just riding around campus and enjoying the serenity of campus at nights.”

If Kuehl could give his first-year self any advice, it would be to not care as much.

“I mean this in the best way possible but don’t care. Things aren’t as serious as you make them out to be,” Kuehl said. “Everything isn’t a life-or-death situation and it’s okay to fail so like expect it, get used to it and just go with it.”

Kuehl said he does not have any future plans set up right now but he would like to get into tattooing with an apprenticeship.