Senior Spotlight: Caleb Grose


by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

Q: What is your major and minor?

A: My major is clinical health science with a biology minor. 


Q: Where is your hometown and where did you go to high school?

A: My hometown is Winterset, Iowa and I went to Winterset Senior High School. 


Q: What are some activities that you are involved in at Simpson?

A: I am involved in CAB, rugby, and Lambda Chi Alpha. I also participate in Esports. 


Q: Who is your favorite professor and why?

A: Cal Busby, because he is my advisor and he is really chill. He has helped me get to what I want to become, which is a chiropractor. He is my friend as well as being my mentor. 


Q: What are your post-graduate plans?

A: I have already been accepted to Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport. I plan on going there for three years and will hopefully set up my own chiropractic office someday.


Q: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

A: Enjoy being with your friends because the four years go by really quick, while also trying to study at the same time. Try to find a balance between social life and academics. 


Q: What is your favorite memory here at Simpson?

A: My favorite memory is joining Lambda Chi Alpha, having that walk night was awesome. There’s a lot of them so it is hard to pick just one. 


Q: If you could be any flavor of Skittles, what would it be?

A: So I am always an orange fan so I would probably be an orange Skittle. But my second option would be green apple because that is the one that everyone goes for.