Club of the week: Tabletop Gaming Club


Tabletop Club plays Magic: The Gathering.

by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

Tabletop Gaming Club is a popular club on campus that gives people the opportunity to play games members love.

This club was established close to three years ago under the leadership of senior Karson Richardson.

“Tabletop Gaming Club isn’t your average tabletop game like Trouble or Sorry but something that requires a lot of effort and thought to play,” Richardson said. 

Richardson has participated in Tabletop Gaming Club since it started. He hates to part ways with the club but hopes it will be under great leadership next year.

“My favorite part is the community surrounding the club and how everybody is able to come together at the same time and do what they like to do,” Richardson said. “It can be kind of hard around campus to find people that like to do those niche things like trading card games,”

Tabletop Gaming Club meets once a week to play games in an atmosphere where they are comfortable. The club currently has around 45 active members. 

“This club is offering them a place where they can feel safe to express themselves however they want to express themselves and open up to play the games that they love to play without feeling threatened,” Richardson said.

Sophomore Paul Hyatt has been a member since he came to Simpson College.

“It provides a place for people of similar interests to come at the end of the day and enjoy each others company,” Hyatt said. 

Tabletop Gaming Club meets every Tuesday night in Carver room 312 at 8:30 p.m. Any students interested in joining or have questions about the club can email Karson Richardson at [email protected].