Six ways to make it through the winter

Photo by Zoe Seiler

Photo by Zoe Seiler

by Kate Furr, Layout Editor

The winter season has hit us hard. December gave us false hope with warm temperatures, but the cold has finally seeped into our bones. Those from out-of-state and Iowa natives alike should know how to stay safe and without harm while we ride out the chill.

1. Wear long pants.

We have all seen the few who parade around campus with shorts on. It’s below freezing—put on some pants before frostbite hits. Nobody wants to look like a marshmallow, but it’s more feasible than wearing shorts in the dead of winter.

2. Cover your ears.

Whether it’s a hat, hood or earmuffs, having something cover your ears is important! They are very susceptible to temperature changes and can get frostbite easily if left out in the bitter cold.

3. Keep your windows closed and blinds shut.

Not giving the air a chance to escape keeps living spaces warm. Leaving the blinds closed will better trap the heat and prevent cool outside air from wafting indoors.

4. Don’t crank the thermostat up.

It might seem like a good idea to warm up fast, but the warm air will hover and stay near the ceiling. If you have a lofted bed, it can get quite hot and uncomfortable while the temperature near the floor remains cool.

5. Dress in layers.

Outside and inside, wearing layers keeps you warm. If you get too hot indoors, you can take off some layers and put them back on when the cool air hits. Having too many layers on can be a hassle in classes, but having a winter coat, a warm middle layer (such as a sweatshirt, jacket or sweater) and a light shirt is effective.

6. Have plenty of blankets.

Pile the blankets on your bed to make a warm nest. If you get too warm, you can always remove a blanket or two. While having a safe, cozy nest helps retain body heat, it can be quite difficult to wake up and leave it in order to go to class.