Senior Spotlight: Kelby Kies

by Alyssa Craven, Video Editor

Q: What are you involved in at Simpson?

A: On campus I’m involved in Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am an exec on Dance Marathon, and I’ve been involved in that for a few years. I’m also in ODK.

Q: How are you involved in your sorority?

A: I’ve been the treasurer. I have served as the president for a term. I served on the academic and standards committee within that organization.

Q: What was it like being the president of Kappa Kappa Gamma?

A:  Being president of Kappa Kappa Gamma was truly an eye-opening experience. I feel like I learned a lot about working with people, I learned a lot about myself, I learned how far I could push myself, and I feel like I learned more about Kappa just in general.

Q: What are you going to miss most about Simpson?

A: I will miss my sisters a ton. I really like having them around every day and just having someone to go talk to. I’ll also miss a few of my professors in Carver.

Q: How have you grown at Simpson?

A: I’ve definitely been pushed outside of my comfort zone. The first way I did that was by going through recruitment my sophomore year. I never imagined myself in a sorority. I never imagined myself surrounded by fifty other women, but I wanted to challenge myself and make myself grow.

Q: How do you want people to remember you at Simpson?

A: I think I would want to be remembered as someone that never gave up and always tried to help people out. I know I’d never want anyone to feel like they don’t have someone, or they don’t have help. I always strive to do that within Kappa and other classes. I try to include as many people as possible.