The Okupación movement: ¡Okupa! ¡Libertad! ¡Inclusión! ¡Igualdad!


¡Okupa! ¡Libertad! ¡Inclusión! ¡Igualdad! These are all terms used in the Okupación movement in Spain and other European countries.

The Spanish Social Movements and Culture class is bringing the movement to the Simpson Campus.

The Okupación movement is a social movement rebelling against an unjust system that targets minorities in the society.

The movement, made up of primarily youths, originated in Spain but has spread to other countries in Europe.

The movement, also known as squatting, involves taking over an abandoned building and restoring it.

The once abandoned building becomes a public space where educational classes are offered for the community.

The idea behind the classes is to encourage community involvement and to provide opportunities that the community would not have. These classes can range from the arts, like music and literature, to life skills, such as caring for a family.

The class is replicating the Okupación movement on Simpson campus to provide a sense of community for all students. Even though the movement is not under the same circumstances as the ones done in Spain, the values behind it remain the same.

The three main goals are inclusión, libertad and explorando nuevo actividades.

The hope is to provide some fun and informative classes for Simpson students.

Classes range from religion, politics, health and physical wellbeing, personal defense and saving money.

The class hopes the Okupación movement will bring about a sense of community throughout the Simpson campus and provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and open-mindedness.