Intramurals intend to provide fun options


by Sara Sonderman

The Simpson College Intramural Program has seen a number of changes this year under the direction of a new Assistant Director of Student Activities and Recreation.

Nicole Darling is in her first year at Simpson replacing Dan Mitsven, who resigned last year.

“Nicole brings a ton of organization to the program and she has a lot of new ideas to go along with it,” Intramural Vice President Jen Howe said.

Simpson’s Intramural program offers a number of activities ranging from flag football to indoor soccer. It also features card games, darts, paintball, volleyball and a wide range of other activities.

“In every event this year our numbers of participants have been up,” Darling said.

“Over 65 percent of Simpson students are involved in our intramural program.” One reason intramural workers believe that numbers have been up this year has to do with the exposure done around campus.

“Nicole does an incredible amount of publicizing the activities herself,” said Howe.

Darling and her staff are planning a pool tournament for the Sports Page on Feb. 28 and they have recently begun offering water aerobics twice a week for students.

“The main reason we have intramurals on campus is to provide activities for those who aren’t in the sport and still would like to be involved,” said Darling.

Darling also noted that one major change she has brought forward this year is to have all of her intramural workers also be part of the intramural council.

“We are getting a lot of feedback from the participants so we are able to tell what is successful and what is not,” Darling said.

Currently the IM program is conducting its 5 on 5 Basketball tournament.