Richmond’s gallery show illustrates concepts he teaches

Richmonds gallery show illustrates concepts he teaches

by Shawna McChurch

A new collection of photographs by David Richmond of the Simpson art faculty will be on display in the Farnham Galleries until Jan. 31.

A total of 47 photographs are on display. Among these, three different styles of photos are shown. Richmond used traditional black-and-white film, color slide film and a digital camera.

Of the three styles, the black and white is Richmond’s preferred method because he said he has “more control over the outcome.”

Richmond said there are many successful photos in the exhibit, including: “Rainbows on my Wall”, “Badlands Ball” and “Cement Tree”. Richmond also said that he felt the black-and-white collection was a great success.

Having done about one show a year for the last 12 years, Richmond is no stranger to the world of art exhibits.

“I’d like to be able to do more shows, but they are very time-consuming,” he said. “It’s also tricky to get shows because you have to be invited and submit examples of your work.”

Richmond said he hopes his students will leave the gallery with a new understanding.

“I want them to understand the depth of exploration to create and the process of a cohesive body of work,” he said.

“I also want them to understand that their personal work needs to be technically as good as it can be as well as professional looking.”

Photography isn’t the only form of art Richmond does. In fact, he only does photography at certain times, when the feeling hits him.

“Sometimes I just feel like walking around with a camera and taking pictures,” he said. “So that’s what I do.”

Richmond also works with painting and sculpture. He is currently working on a project that will, in the end, be a sculpture that is strictly geometry and primary and secondary colors.