Mexico Bound: “The Dirty Word” has crossed international borders


Last semester, I shared my views about relationships, hygiene and lingerie from the confines of the Simp lab.

However, this semester I’ll be writing to you from a rather exotic location…well, it’s certainly more exotic than Iowa in the winter, anyway!

I’m traveling to Mérida, Mexico for the spring semester.

Not only will I be enjoying 85-95 degree temperatures each day (while Iowa is blanketed in snow and ice), but I’ll also have access to the nearby beaches!

However, studying is still required. So I’m enrolled in classes with 18 other strangers who are all living in the program’s house.

With that many college-aged people, I’m sure there’s bound to be some “Real World” drama.

At this point, I have no topics on agenda, but I will undoubtedly explain the cultural differences and similarities between Mexico and Iowa, especially in the areas of dating and relationships.

I’ll also tell you more about the general lifestyle practices in Mexico, mainly in my location, the Yucatan peninsula. And if that’s not enough, I could always expand on the virtuous rewards of being bra-less and able to decode pick-up lines (refer to my previous articles).