by Simpsonian Editors

Multiple heads are better than one. This is the theory behind any committee, and quite possibly the reason Simpson assembled task forces to address the issues of retention, marketing and diversity.

In a report recently released, these task forces, as determined by President R. Kevin LaGree announced their suggestions to improve specific areas within the college. Some of these will be addressed immediately by LaGree, others will be placed on the backburner until financial resources become available.

LaGree said, “I will also recommend to the Board of Trustees that the Enrollment Committee be renamed the Marketing Committee… [and] the Student Affairs Committee… be renamed the Retention Committee.”

Renaming committees that are already established has the same purpose as the redesign of The Simpsonian masthead. It gives it a more modern look and feel, but all in all it doesn’t change the content or purpose. Can the same be said of the renamed committees? Does a change in name, change a committee’s purpose or focus? It’s doubtful.

Meanwhile, the review of the college’s mission statement that was suggested by the marketing task force is a sound idea. A mission statement is the foundation of a college’s philosophy and one that should be updated to reflect the changes and attitude of the college. According to LaGree it has been years since the college has looked at the mission statement.

The involvement of students in this process, despite its being for the long term, will be vital. For Simpson to improve and grow as an institution, there must be input not only from the administrative and faculty side of things, but from students as well.

Simpson should be commended for taking the initiative to assemble task forces to address such important issues. The least students can do to show their appreciation is to get involved in the process.