Green’s textbook project involves additional work

Greens textbook project involves additional work

by Christy Smith

At Simpson College even business professors are getting books published.

Mark Green, professor of business, had his first edition of his book, Global Marketing, published in 1996. This July, the third edition will be available to use as a textbook for upper-level undergraduates who are studying marketing activities that cross national borders.

“This book is on a three-year revision cycle,” Green said. “The first edition came out in the fall of 1996, the second appeared in the fall of 1999, and the new book will be available this summer.”

The most intensive part of writing the book for Green is the period before the book is formatted in book form.

“The most intensive part of the writing process for a given edition takes place in the year before the book is physically manufactured,” Green said.

For the third edition, Green began writing in the Spring of 2001. He continued on through the summer and into the fall during his sabbatical.

The manuscript was sent to his publisher in November 2001. The manuscript was sent back to him after the copy editor worked on it, according to Green.

After Green approves of the changes, the manuscript will be typeset.

“In April I will review the text again and then it is formatted to look like the final version,” Green said.

Two years before Green began writing, he gathered source material and reviewed research findings.

“If you have ever seen my office, you know that I have quite a bit of paper floating around,” Green said.

The book is published by Prentice Hall, which is located in New Jersey.

“My co-author, Warren Keegan, has done considerable work for Prentice Hall. That is why PH is publishing this particular book,” Green said.

According to Green, if the publishers give the two authors the go ahead for a fourth edition, they will write it. Otherwise, Green says there are no plans to write a different book.