Web Extra- The search for summer housing

by John Jacobsen

With summer just around the corner many Simpson students are searching for a place to call home for the summer months and on-campus residence facilities are becoming an easy and economic solution.Students working on campus and off campus during the summer have an opportunity to live in Simpson housing units at a reasonable cost. “Students working on campus have first preference with students working off campus filling the remaining spots,” said Chrysalis Buller, head of summer housing.Weinman is usually used for summer housing, but since the summer is the main time for repairs other buildings may be used to keep Weinman in good working conditions for fall students. Students who work over 30 hours on campus can live in on-campus housing for six dollars a day and those students who work less than 30 hours a week on campus are charged 12 dollars a day. “Every office on campus hires student workers during the summer, ” Buller said.Some students find the campus work and living to be great for the summer months. “I worked for Simpson over the summer in the conference office and lived in Detroit,” said senior Matt English.Other students choose on campus housing for more personal reasons. “I lived on campus because I knew some other girls that were living on campus,” said junior Jessica Nauman. Simpson is preparing for summer maintenance work and renovations that may take place in apartments being used during the summer. “There are summer projects that may cause students to be relocated. If this happens we just put them in a different apartment,” Buller said.Housing can be found off campus for the summer months, but Simpson has no formal working relationship with those landlords. “I would just watch the bulletin boards for people postings openings for the summer,” Buller said.These same short-term leases may be hard to come by for students. “I couldn’t find a lease for the short amount of time that I needed it,” said Nauman.Most students seemed to be satisfied with the housing that Simpson offered for their summer stay. “There were a few problems since I lived in the basement, but it was taken care of,” said English.Simpson has set up move-in day for summer housing soon after graduation. “Move in is set for May 20 from 5-7 p.m. If they currently live in Barker they will need to move May 19 from 5-7 p.m.,”said Buller. “We haven’t really set a date for move out, but more than likely we will need them to move before the fall athletic teams get here.”For most people choosing Simpson summer housing it seems to be a good choice. “It wasn’t too bad, I was glad that I did it,” said English.