Web Extra! Little Sibs Weekend is approaching

by Cory Pfister

First-Year Council hopes its second annual Little Siblings Weekend will unite students and they’re siblings by providing fun, and entertainment alike.

This Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, the First-Year Council is hosting the second annual Little Siblings Weekend.

Events such as a magician, comedian, and a carnival will be provided to entertain students and they’re brothers or sisters.

“We hope this weekend will build a connection between the siblings by opening up the Simpson community to everyone,” freshman, First-Year Council President Michael Schrodt said. “We want to show Simpson as an active and involved campus.”

To do this, the First-Year Council is counting on several other groups on campus to help with events. Greek houses and clubs have stepped up to help by running booths and seeing over activates.

Between 30 and 40 students have signed up to participate with their siblings officially.

“We 20 up from last year and we anticipate some walk-ins as well,” Schrodt said.

As a precautionary step, the First-Year Council is asking students to maintain a level of maturity in regards to parties and alcohol consumption.

“No formal rules have been instated but we ask students to keep it at a minimum,” Schrodt said.

The aspirations of the First-Year Council is to, “have siblings go away from this with a positive view of college, that college is good,” Schrodt said. “We want to show them [college] isn’t all what TV and movies show.”

The main focus of the weekend will be that of education, entertainment and involvement. Along with the comedian, magician and such, First-Year Council also is encouraging students to attend Theatre Simpson’s production of To Fool The Eye and to cheer on the Storm Softball game this Saturday and Sunday.

As for the future of Little Siblings Weekend, Schrodt hopes next year’s council will pick up the event and that it may grow in involvement and attendance.

“It would be great if we could coordinate something with Fox TV’s Kid Fest in Des Moines in the future.”