CAB plans to update current organization

by Cory Pfister

After attending the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) conference, sophomore Kim Lamon, president of Campus Activities Board, has decided to reorganize and fine-tune the group’s constitution and by-laws.

As a result of the NACA conference, CAB leaders became aware of the fact that their programming board needed improving.

“[The constitution] wasn’t in line for where we wanted to go with CAB,” Lamon said. “We’ve gone through and hit every point trying to make it better.”

The constitution has not been revised in about eight years. As the club progresses, the constitution does not seem to reflect the angle CAB would like to take, according to Lamon.

Additionally, Lamon realized that the board was meeting only some of the needs stated by the constitution, leaving others unfulfilled. The issue of membership is one important area that currently does not receive enough attention, according to Lamon.

In terms of membership, the group feels they do not always give credit where credit is due.

“There are some members who do a truck load of work and never get recognized,” Lamon said. “We want to develop a stronger membership base and divide up the work evenly.”

Improvements, such as membership qualifications, may be introduced if the Student Senate accepts the revised constitution. For example, new rules would require students to attend three consecutive meetings in order to constitute them as members.

“We would like to give our members more backing,” Lamon said. “We want to give ownership back to the group and have them feel that they are a part of a process.”

CAB would also like to see their existing executive committee divided into specialized areas. The new committee would contain such offices as a marketing chair, music chair, membership chair, big events chair and a comedy chair.

These are the areas CAB sees as most important for the group right now, and by having chairpersons for each of these would help them better fulfil their goals, according to Lamon.

“To improve membership, it would be the membership chair person to award or reward members for their work done,” Lamon said.

The revised constitution is in the early stages, and will not be ready for instatement until next year, pending on approval.