Beefing up

Beefing up

by Brandon Newell

As use of the weight room swells with summer fast approaching, Simpson has been seeking solutions to the facility’s overcrowding problem by limiting hours for non-students and researching future renovations.

“The time from 3 to 6 p.m. is the heaviest usage time in our fitness room,” said Athletics Director John Sirianni. “This is the most popular time for Simpson students and faculty to use this facility. But it is also the time that many non-Simpson students, especially junior high and high school students, are trying to use the facility. As a result, the room becomes over crowded and a timely work-out is impossible.”

Due to this concern, the Athletic Department has opted to limit the hours that non-students can access the facility. From 3 to 5 p.m. on weekdays, only Simpson students are allowed in the weight room.

The motive for this change, according to Sirianni, is that the Simpson community is the facility’s number one priority, while Simpson Athletic Club members are second.

“To insure that Simpson people could get a quality work-out within a reasonable length of time, it became evident that we would have to limit the potential users of this facility during the prime work-out periods. I am confident that most people feel this was a good decision and has made working out during this time of the day a much better experience,” said Sirianni.

One Simpson student-athlete, junior Matt McCulla, believes that limiting hours of non-Simpson users is a step in the right direction.

“When you’re working out, and you have limited time in your busy schedule, it is frustrating to sit around waiting for someone else to get done with a machine. Hopefully now with the changes, you can get in and out in a timely fashion,” said McCulla.

To enhance spacing and individual needs of many exercisers, the Athletic Department is considering an upgrade of the weight room. The administrative staff is looking to the general operating funds provided by admission fees from students and the Simpson Athletic Club to fund the project renovations.

According to Assistant Football Coach Myles Easter, the Athletic Department has contemplated the idea and research has begun to determine what improvements need to be made in the weight room.

“For years, colleges in our conferences have looked at us to set the example,” said Easter. “Improvements in the facility would bring us up to speed with the latest in exercise equipment and set the stage for Simpson having the premier facility in the conference.”

Sirianni echoed Easter, stressing the importance of future improvements.

“It is very important that this facility be a showcase for the school and the athletic department,” said Sirianni. “It is also important that the equipment in this room can provide our athletes with every opportunity to make them the best they can be. Furthermore, with the extensive use of the cardiovascular machines, there is a real need for additional machines to insure that students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to get a timely work-out.”