Depew responds to attacks, comments on controversies

In the April 4 edition of The Simpsonian, Josh Brown, student senator who represents the Concerned Multicultural Students organization, articulated a very personal attack directed at me. The attack included at least two factual statements about my actions that were fallacious.

Among these statements there were also many personal attacks based on what Brown saw as my biased opinion and his belief that I am driven to seek revenge as a result of the Student Body President election. This is not the case.

I now represent Buxton Hall and all of my actions in the senate room are a result of such.

It is interesting to note that Brown was not present for the meeting for which he accuses me of offering a biased and skewed account of the proceedings. Nor does he address what, in particular, he believes is “completely unacceptable” about my behavior.

I can only conclude that these now infamous actions are a reference to the “point of order that was called at the March 27 meeting of student senate.

The point of order was called to draw attention to the fact that senate had not achieved quorum.

The point of order and subsequent “appeal of the chair’s decision” resulted in the issue at hand being put to a vote of our senate.

Those wishing to allow visitors to serve as senators were unable to achieve a majority in this vote. The use of parliamentary procedure, in this case, allowed the debate at hand to be settled by the senators.

Such methods of settling dispute will help to legitimize our student government. Any other method would have been irresponsible.

The personal and public attacks that I have received over the past two weeks, concerning this issue, are clear examples of “a pot calling the kettle black”.

I hope that all parties involved in slanderous statements against me will carefully examine their own motives and reasoning.

Brian Depew

Student Senator, Buxton Hall