Fraternity addresses another view

In an article titled “Temporary Housing Not All Fun and Games,” The Simpsonian made several egregious assumptions regarding temporarily housed students and the housing process.

Poor research and skewed objectivity resulted in a piece of yellow journalism that belittled the positive fraternity atmosphere and blatantly lied about housing procedures. This may sound silly, but the phrase temp houser means exactly that-students are temporarily housed at all four fraternities.

Students are informed that should fraternities reach their housing capacity, they will most likely be required to move elsewhere on campus. This warning comes in several forms, the first of which is a letter mailed out in July. Students are also informed of their temporary status upon moving in and also at floor meetings that take place before the “big move.”

Initiative and common sense on the part of temp housers would also allow for increased awareness of these facts, since they are obviously living in quarters mainly occupied by fraternity members.

Should The Simpsonian have taken the time to interview housing staff, she might have discovered all these things before writing such an unfortunate piece of journalism. Quotes included from temporarily housed students Nana Afriyie and William Cook clearly bear no significance to the above information.

At the Lambda Chi Alpha “big move” floor meeting, only two of 14 students required to move out actually showed up-neither of which were Afriyie or Cook.

Lambda Chi Alpha’s President, Jeff Caskey, was initially contacted for a quote that appeared in this article. “When I was contacted, The Simpsonian explained that the article would portray information regarding the affects of temp housing on the recruitment process, but in no way was it suggested that the article would negatively depict fraternity row, housing procedures and the housing staff as a whole,” said Caskey in reaction to the article. “The intent in no way equaled the impact.”

Steve Horvath, Senior

Tim Reuter, Senior