Storm Cheerleaders young, enthusiastic

by Alysun O'Brien

Simpson’s cheerleading squad looks to rebuild the program by relying on the experience of its leadership and a new coach.

“We won’t have any problems with having a young squad,” said junior Kristen Erickson. “They are all coming in with experience.”

The cheerleading squad consists of two juniors, a sophomore, and four freshmen. Tara Price is the new coach this fall.

“I’m looking forward to our squad being good,” said Price. ” They are all coming out of programs, and they are still in shape, so that looks promising.”

Price has previous experience at Wartburg College, but this is her first official year coaching cheerleading.

“Tara is great,” said Erickson. “She is putting the program in the right direction.”

“Things are going great with our new coach,” said junior Stephanie Schloemer. “We are trying to rebuild our program.”

The squad is also working on recruiting men to join them this season. “We have a couple that might be joining,” said Erickson. “They are going to come to a couple of practices and see what it’s like.”

The cheerleading squad must follow NCAA regulations, as intercollegiate sports do. “We can’t stunt if our coach isn’t present,” said Schloemer. “We also need physicals and insurance forms turned in.”

The women officially just cheer at home games, but will travel to Central and possibly more away games.

The squad isn’t worried about the young age of the group because the newcomers have lots of high school experience.

“I’m looking forward to the squad growing,” said Price. “They show lots of promise.”