Temporary housing not all fun and games


by Mindy Marks

Due to a housing shortage, male first year and transfer students are temporarily housed in fraternities.

While this living situation benefits mens’ Greek recruitment, the living situation is not ideal for all new students.

According to Stephanie Krauth, associate dean of students, approximately 60 men were temp housed at the beginning of this school year.

Today, from 4:30-7;30 p.m., new recruits and temp housers switch places, leaving close roommates and friends strewn across campus.

“We should have been aware of this prior to moving in at Simpson. You build a bond with your roommate and the other guys on your floor. Then you find yourself thrown into a completely new living situation,” said Bill Cook, a junior transfer student.

“It’s Monday at 11 p.m. and I still have not received notice of the big move,” said Nana Afriyie, a first year student.

Afriyie, like many others, was not told that he would be forced to move twice. Without proper warning many of these students threw away their boxes, and now must find time between classes and studying to pack within the next four days.

Aside from moving hassles there can be benefits to temp housing.

“Being temp housed motivates them to join [fraternities] by meeting more Greeks and finding out what the Greek community is all about,” said Jeff Caskey, president of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Unfortunately, some temp housers felt pressure and stress to join due to their housing situations.

“They try to compare living conditions to those of the dorms, yet we did not receive straight or similar answers on the purpose or prices of the fraternities,” said Cook.

Yet at Alpha Tau Omega, 15 of the 28 temp housers ended up joining their fraternity.

For some members of the fraternities the addition of temp housers is also an additional stress. One member of each house is asked to carry out the duties of a Resident Assistant.

“[Being a R.A.] made everything busy, but it was almost easier to get to know the guys right off the bat,” said ATO’s Resident Assistant, Jeff Buckner.

“I’m sure if I were interested in joining a fraternity then it [being temp housed] would have swayed me to join,” said junior transfer student James Palmer. “but I’m not so this is just a big pain.”